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English Leadership Camps

Practicing Language Skills in a Fun Supportive Envrionment

English Leadership Camps (ELC) take students out of the tradition classroom setting and into interactive hands-on activities, challenging them to use their English skills while developing personal skills.

ELC are designed with a progression of self-development, critical thinking, interpersonal relationships and character development. All the activities are carefully chosen and structured in a progression to build the class team, spark individual skills create a relatable learning experience.

Activities help build self-esteem, integrity and confidence. Students can set goals, be involved in decisions making and using their judgement to solve problems together. Communication skills are always tested and personal accountability is on display as they relate to their group. 


Students Discover Why They Succeed 

Powerful learning outcomes are reached when students review what they experienced. Students will learn from their mistakes, and become accountable for their actions, learn responsibility and practice decision making skills. But students also discover why they succeed in their activities.

Through processing and debriefing activities, students are be challenged to communicate their thoughts and feelings, develop questioning skills, use non-verbal communication and use their creativity to express their thoughts.