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We all live downstream from someone, and upstream from someone else

The Chi River (แม่น้ำชี) and Mun River (แม่น้ำมูล) are two of Thailand's longest rivers where serious environmental issues threaten the lives of over 20 million people. The Chi and Mun River Exploration Project provide an invaluable educational opportunity as a service learning program for students to understand the link between the rivers and rural communities, local culture, the value of the river, and the impact human activity places on them.

Students develop lifelong skills through problem solving and leadeship activities, by conducting baseline data collection and monitoring water quality, learning how local crafts and products are made, and contributing to directly benefit the communities along the rivers. 

The Northeastern region of Thailand, locally referred to as Isaan, is located between 250km to 650km from Bangkok. Isaan is Thailand’s cultural epicenter where Thai and Laotian cultures are woven through traditional livelihoods. The relative isolation and underdevelopment of the area means that Isaan is a great place to see real Thai-Isaan culture and encounter Thailand's agricultural underpinnings and natural scenery.


The river exploration enriches students understanding of history, culture, arts, language, and geography.  

Service learning provides the opportunity to integrate teaching, research and service in support of a school’s goals with a benefit to the school, students and community. Students and teachers need new opportunities to contribute in meaningful ways to their communities.

Education is better when it is active, student-centered and they see concrete outcomes from the activities. Experiential and adventure education legitimises learning that takes place outside the classroom, and helps different learning styles and values learning based in experience.

The Chi & Mun River Exploration Project compliments existing school curriculum, providing teachers another tool for their students’ development. The collaborative methods can be used with any school curriculum. All curriculum goals and exploration topics combine in ways that are authentic, relevant and experiences students can identify and understand.

Chi & Mun River Exploration Project components include: 

Scientific Exploration

Students collect empirical evidence through a number of in-the-field tests, results will be combine together to form a bigger picture of the river and impacts

Cultural Explorataion

Students experience first hand immersion into the unique and colourful Northeastern Isan culture through stories, food, music, religion, dress, and customs.

Economic Exploration

Examining what drives the local village and regional economies, what opportunities or threats are present for communities to survive and thrive.

Conservation Exploration

Examining components of the rivers and affected communities, students can develop conservation programs for awareness and protection methods for water quality, plants, animals or specially identified areas around the rivers.


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